CodeShip Basic Build VM

It's been a while since the last update to the Basic Build VM, but we've just added PHP 7.3. Note though, that Xdebug is not ready for 7.3 so support for that will have to wait a bit.

We also updated a couple of packages to their newest versions:

  • GCloud CLI ->
  • Google App Engine 1.9.67 -> 1.9.69
  • ChromeDriver 2.44 -> 2.45
  • PHP
    • 5.6.38 -> 5.6.39
    • 7.0.32 -> 7.0.33
    • 7.1.24 -> 7.1.25
    • 7.2.12 -> 7.2.13

Team List Design Refresh

On our journey to update all parts of CodeShip to a newer, more clean design, we've given the team and team member lists a much needed refresh:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.44.05 AM.png

If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to

Build Groups for CodeShip Basic

The “build groups” feature, that shows restarted builds grouped together in a single build element, has now been rolled out to all users on CodeShip Basic!

When you restart a build, you will see the previous build run status nested underneath the current build run.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.38.02 AM.png

Build Page Design Refresh

We are making a light design refresh to the build items on your project pages and your personal dashboards. These should be a little cleaner and a little easier on the eyes now.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 7.30.39 AM.png

Manual Approval Environment Variable

We keep improving our recent Manual Approval feature, and this time we've added a new environment variable that you can use to check if a build has been approved or not.

On all builds running as a result of a manual approval, we now set the environment variable CI_BUILD_APPROVED to true.

This means that you can write conditional scripts to avoid steps re-running on builds triggered as a result of manual approvals:

if [[ "${CI_BUILD_APPROVED}" == "true" ]]
    echo "This only happens after approval is given"
    echo "And this only happens before approval is given"

CodeShip Basic Build VM

New packages have been added to the CodeShip Basic build VM:

  • NodeJS 11 was added
  • Ruby 2.5.3 was added
  • PHP versions were bumped:
    • 7.1.23 -> 7.1.24
    • 7.2.11 -> 7.2.12

CodeShip Basic Build VM

Another week, more updates:

  • Ruby 2.5.3 was added
  • ChromeDriver was updated from 2.41 -> 2.43

CodeShip Basic Build VM

Today we updated a couple of packages:

  • PHP packages were updated
    • 7.1.22 -> 7.1.23
    • 7.2.10 -> 7.2.11
  • Ruby packages were added
    • 2.3.8
    • 2.4.5
    • 2.5.2
  • Java was updated
    • 8u181 -> 8u191

Skip builds in select branches

Don’t want all your branches to trigger a build? Now you can control what gets build with the new exclude/include filter option

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.55.27 AM.png

The new feature allows you to either specify the branches you don’t want us to build, or just the ones you want us to build. Note though that you have to specify exact branch names.

Handful of small updates

We’ve just finished up a short period of house cleaning. It may not all be visible, but it all adds up to a better CodeShip.

Among the updates are:

  • Better error-handling for GitLab CE/EE and GitHub Enterprise
  • More strictly enforced handling of minimum versions of self-hosted SCMs
  • New look and vastly improved performance for teams management

Read more about each of these in the blog post

No published changelogs yet.

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