CodeShip changelog
CodeShip changelog

Docker Hub rate limits





Docker Hub will begin pull rate limits starting November 1, 2020. This may impact your Pro projects in several ways:

  • The primary impact will be for new projects that are pulling from Docker Hub for the first time
  • Projects that are not using caching or are built infrequently could also be impacted

We encourage you to configure caching on your Pro projects. This gives you faster builds and after the initial build your project does not have to pull from Docker Hub each time, but rather uses our internal caching system.

Docker is introducing the following limits based on your Docker account:

  • Free plan – anonymous users: 100 pulls per 6 hours
  • Free plan – authenticated users: 200 pulls per 6 hours
  • Pro plan – unlimited
  • Team plan – unlimited

If you encounter Docker Hub rate limit issues with your Pro projects, you can configure Docker Hub authentication. If you anticipate higher usage than what the free Docker plan offers, consider upgrading your Docker plan to unlimited pulls.